Hand-crafted furniture by Bevel

Our work entails a large amount of time and expertise in designing and handcrafting hardwood furniture. At Bevel we pride ourselves in the art of design and construction of handmade furniture. We believe that hand-crafted furniture should express itself through the combination of natural materials used and the input of us (furniture makers) through design.

We are influenced by our predecessors such as Eileen Gray and Frank Lloyd Wright and aspire to their achievements through furniture. The minimalist appearance of our new furniture captures the eye with the effortless approach to structure and discreet design features. We use the traditional jointing methods which have been tried and tested over the centuries such as the mortise and tenion and dovetail joints.

At Bevel we practise the phase “Thinking outside the box” in the order to design unique contemporary pieces of furniture. Looking towards the future we might not expand the workshop but we certainly hope to expand our creativity.